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    Support Group Visibility-9.1.02

    Rahul Priyadarshy

      Hi All,


      Need some input on below scenario- ITSM 9.1.02. Lets first Talk about 1 Company Case.


      Company A has 30 Support Group.


      (1) I Created 1 Administrator Profile with Support Staff as Yes- I am Able to See all 30 Groups in Assigned Group list  Of Incident Management (Refer Menu- HPD:INC:SuppportGrps_Company)


      (2) I created 1 Profile (SD USer) with Incident Master Access  and Part of Service Desk Group. With This Profile I am only able to See Service Desk Group and not other 29 Groups. I am able to See other 29 groups only when

                (A) SD USer has Unrestricted Access in People Form

                (B) other 29 Support Groups are Connected with Global Company in - Form (CTM:ServiceCompany_SupportGroup_Join). We have mapped the Support Group with Global Company




      My Problem here is very Simple- Why other Support Groups in Same Company is Not Visible to Support Group Members (Just Like it used to happen in older versions) ? Am i missing something.