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    BMC Client Management for data card users

    Ravinder Kumar
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      We have a requirement where we have to do software compliance and patch management for users on data card only and not connected to LAN. Our master and relay are in LAN only. What will be solution in case? Do we need a internet facing relay to cater this?


      What will be the behaviour of BCM as IP is dynamic for all the users.



      Ravinder Kumar

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          HI Ravinder Kumar,



          check that device telnet had successful or not,if these devices cannot telnet the 1610/1611 ports on the relay, this means there is no communication. It is the prerequisite of BCM that these ports should be opened on all the systems which have BCM agent installed. If we does not meet this requirement we cannot have these devices in the BCM.


          so kindly open  below mention port and check and then check.



          Client agent

          General agent communication port as configured (default is 1610)

          Management console

          General console management port as configured (default is 1611)

          Bandwidth throttling

          Bandwidth management port on relay servers (default is 1609)


          MyApps port on master server (default is 1612)

          Integration port

          Port used for third-party integrations and set with a specific SSL certificate (default is 1616)

          TCP discovery

          TCP ports scanned for auto-discovery (default is 23,25,139)

          Multicast traffic

          Multicast transfer agent listening port as configured (default is 2500)

          Active directory LDAP

          LDAP port (default is 389)


          Thanks and Regards,

          Prakash Rasankar