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    Having issue in configuring the 'Login ID' value in the People form using the DMT console.

    Vikram Reddy
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      As part of People Foundation Data configuration, customer has given the People data in excel wherein login ID is a number. In the excel provided by the customer, number is of double decimal format i.e in the excel sheet it will be 123456, wherein the DB from where this data is extracted it is of format 123456.00.


      Now when we are importing using the DMT console, login ID is getting stored as 12345.0 in the AR System CTM:People form.

      In the OOTB  LoadPeople.xml, observed that Login ID field is already formatted as number. When we enter the data manually in this excel, it is taking as number format. But when we copy the huge data from Customer provided excel sheet to the OOTB LoadPeople.xml fields Login ID column it is not taking the number format and getting imported as 12345.0. We tried setting the format of Login ID field in the OOTB  LoadPeople.xml  once again as number format, which did not work fine.


      Need your help with this issue.