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    Delay in assignment process

    Josue Araujo
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      Hi to all,


      I have problems to individual assign tickets (WorkOrder & Incident), actually The process works fine,  but takes a long time to assign.


      I check the values for improvement the process





      And i set the values AE-Worked-Threads 10 and AE-Poll-Interval in 2 Minutes.


      I add the Private-RPC-Socket: 390633 5 10, and  after i restart the servers, but the behavior is the same.


      Someone will have some comment?



      Josue Araujo

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          Mohammad Rehman

          What is your environment and version? Have you turn on the logs to see where it is lagging?

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            Josue Araujo

            Hi Mohammad:


            Thanks for quickly response.


            The BMC Remedy AR Production Environment is:

            BMC Remedy Suite 9.1.001

            Linux 7.2

            6 ARS in Server Group (3 for users and 3 for administration activities and integrations)

            4 Mid Tiers that make request to ARS for users.

            BD Oracle 11g RAC SCAN Exadata



            TargetServerAssignment Engine Ranking
            For Attend usersVLTUTBMCP0084
            For Admin OperationsVLTUTBMCP0113Administration Server
            Resources for all servers:
            8X2.1 Ghz Cores, 24 GB RAM, 200 Gb HD
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              Ashwanth Padmanabhan

              i think when a call is made to assignment engine it first goes to application pending form(the assignment command that gets fired from itsm application) and then that record gets picked up by the assignment engine and it process the same and updates the master ticket with the assignee details


              if thats the case...how much time does it take for the assignment engine to pick up the record that is sitting in the application pending form? if that polling interval is more than the desired interval time then atleast we know the cause that's where we need to improve to fix your polling interval issue..however if the record gets picked up real fast but assignment engine is taking lot of time to process then we can work accordingly....

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                Josue Araujo

                Hi Ashwanth Padmanabhan:


                Thanks for the quckly response.


                I monitoring the Application Pending Form, and i see that the records related to Assing are processing quickly.


                The records are created and in one second this records are processing.


                I add the open query in this form:

                screenshot_Application Pending.PNG


                Thanks so much.

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                  Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                  ok that means AE polling interval has got no issues in your case....its polling the records as desired/expected timelines...now we need to understand why it is taking too long to process the command


                  a) is it taking too long to process the command


                  b) it is taking too long to update the master record(ticket) once it processed the command


                  we may have to enable assignment engine debug logs for that to understand...and also we would have to capture filter logs when it tries to update the master ticket with the assignment details to see if anything suspicious going on there..