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    Duplicate Approval Issue in Change Management

    Josue Araujo
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      Hi to All,


      Can someone help me with the approval process?


      Here we are facing duplicate Approval Issue in Change Management.


      There are Duplicate entry created in the next forms:





      I cann´t see a record in AP:Detail


      All the duplicate approval request was generated for the same user and in the same phase.


      My BMC Remedy AR Environment is:

      BMC Remedy Suite 9.1.001

      Linux 7.2

      6 ARS in Server Group (3 for users and 3 for administration activities and integrations)

      4 Mid Tiers that make request to ARS for users.

      BD Oracle 11g RAC SCAN Exadata


      The ranking definition for approval role works fine, only the Admin Server have the flag Approval-Server-Suspended in False, for the other servers the value is True.


      Any comments about this case?