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    Different Credential authentication for single user in RSSO 9.1.02

    Govind M
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      Here is the case,


      User have different Username for Windows domain login and  different for Remedy authentication. Current ARS has LDAP integrated with one time login supply agent from users machine into customized Midier login page.

      We planned to make RSSO in place and I am stuck in below two areas currently to implement.


      1) RSSO installed and having AR authentication configured which prompts the login page for authentications. To make LDAP authenticaiton before AR,  Is there any way consume the Windown NT credentials automatically using LDAP authentication which can make login into RSSO. So that once the user make the URL in entry it gets auto login. (This is for user having same id in Windows NT and Remedy)


      2) is there any suitable way to make the userid transformation which can pass the Remedy Login id fetches LDAP into Remedy Midtier. (This is for the user having different login ids in NT and ARS)


      Appreciate any other solutions as well.