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    pkgcreate usage and ppf format

    Michiel Voskamp
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      I want to use the distribution server to install a KM I wrote. I used the pkgcreate utility to create an installation package but I have some questions about pkgcreate usage.

      I want to know what to use for the -id and -ir options:

      " -id infrastruct_designator:
      Optional three letter product code or comma delimited list of product
      codes of the infrastructure core component where this component will
      be landed on (no default value).
      -ir infrastruct_role:
      Optional 3 letter infrastructure product code like PATROL
      Agent, Console, Console Proxy, Web Console (no default value)."

      Does anybody know the valid 3 letter code's?

      I would also like to know more about the format of the ppf files. Is this format documented?



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          The -ir and -id switches of pkgcreate are used to set the INFRASTRUCT_ROLE and INFRASTRUCT_DESIGNATOR fields within the generated PPF.  These fields are used to limit distribution of the packaged components to only machines which are assigned the proper role.

          If the INFRASTRUCT_ROLE field is set in a PPF and that PPF is distributed via the Distribution Server then the machines on which it was installed will be assigned the specified role (three character code) in their System role. The roles currently assigned to a machine may be viewed in the System role field on the Properties tab for any system within the DS. For example, if the Patrol Agent has been distributed to a system the System role will include the code "PAA".

          The INFRASTRUCT_DESIGNATOR, if set in the PPF, indicates that a component is only to be distributed to machines which have a System role that includes the specified designator. This is used to limit the machines on which a component will be installed. For example, to limit a component to only be installed on machines which are currently assigned the Patrol Agent role the INFRASTRUCT_DESIGNATOR should be set to "PAA". If this is done, the specified component will only be installed if the installation machine is already assigned the role or if another component in the distribution has INFRASTRUCT_ROLE set to "PAA".

          In almost all cases the INFRASTRUCT_ROLE field should be left blank, as setting this field causes the addition of a new role to System role. INFRASTRUCT_ROLE should only be used by base components.

          If the desire is to create a package that does not filter based on System role the INFRASTRUCT_DESIGNATOR field should be left blank.

          The following is a list of some of the major codes:

          Common Services Role
          PWC - PATROL Central - Web Edition
          PIC - PATROL Console Server

          Console Systems Role
          VAB - PATROL Central - Microsoft Windows Edition
          PAT - PATROL Console for Unix
          PAV - PATROL Console for Windows NT
          CST - Perform Console NT
          PCG - Perform Console Unix

          Managed System Role
          PEG - Perform Agent
          PIA - PATROL Agent
          PAA - PATROL Agent for Unix
          PWN - PATROL Agent for Windows NT
          AGA - PATROL Agent for AS/400
          POS - PATROL Agent for OS/2
          PMA - PATROL Agent for OS/390
          PVA - PATROL Agent for OpenVMS

          The Distribution Server documentation does not contain detailed information about the format of PPF files.  This information may be available in Common Install documentation.

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