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    Can we have 2 patch managers in BMC Client Management?

    Ravinder Kumar
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      We have a scenario where customer servers are located in 2 Geos. We are planning to have separate relay servers for both locations which will also be patch manager.


      Can we have 2 patch managers connected to same master console? If not, what can be possible solution to above requirement.


      Thank you in advance.


      Ravinder Kumar

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          Dominik Kress

          Hi Ravinder Kumar,


          BCM uses only one patch manager. However the patch manager will download the patches from the internet, create the patch packages and coordinates the roll out of the missing patches depending on your patch job / patch group configuration.


          - Patch Manager downloads patches and creates patch packages (which patches are downloaded also depends on your config)

          - Patch Manager uploads those to the master server

          - Patch Managers assign the specific patches to the specific devices. So every device will only downloaded its missing patches and not everything


          All clients will download the needed patches from their relays. By this you won't have any benefit of multiple patch managers. If the patches are not yet stored at the local relay the relay will request the needed patches at its parent. This could be another relay or the master.




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