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    Smart Reporting hyperlinks

    Ryan Nicosia
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      Is there a way to update the Hyperlinks on Smart Reporting reports so when users are emailed a report with the Hyperlinks to individual CR's, they can click on those links and get logged into the Mid Tier and taken to that specific request?

      I've followed these steps https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/itsm91/Updating+cross+launch+settings but that just lets you update the link to cross launch into Smart Reporting.  Not really what I'm after

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          Ryan Nicosia

          We figured it out.  It will require you to update all of your views but it allows you to cross launch to the record via Mid Tier from both within Smart Reporting and also if a user clicks a hyperlink from an emailed report.




          Replace midtier and arserver with your information and you should be good.

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