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    Disabling Row Level Security in 9.1

    Garrett Sitter

      We are running into problems with row level security in 9.1 (or at least what I believe is related to row level security).


      For example, if I perform a wildcard search in change management, it only returns tickets assigned to my support group, when I should be able to see all changes.


      Another example is that problem users can only see PBI/PKE tickets assigned to their group specifically, even when the user has selected Filter By->All (NOT Assigned To My Groups) on the Problem Console.


      This is not desired behavior, as outside of a few edge cases we want all users with permissions for the console in question to be able to see all tickets regardless of support group.  We have already made the following configuration change per BMC Support:


      Disable-New-RLS-Implementation : T


      Despite this, we are still seeing the behavior described above.  Does anyone know what can be done to completely bypass this functionality?  Is there anything else besides RLS that would restrict results based on support group?  We basically do not want to restrict access based on support group at any point.