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    Remedy Services - Issues with them firing?

    CJ Schafer



      A shout out.  I want to see if other people are having issues where a Service Action is not firing properly, or randomly.

      Example:  I have an Active Link where one of my If Actions is a Service.  When I run the workflow, it sometimes fires, and then it sometimes doesn't.  When it doesn't fire, it shows nothing in the logs.  See snapshot below.


      So, again, not sure why the Service If Action doesn't work consistently, as the logs show the Active Link firing.



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          CJ Schafer

          So, after the system has been sitting for a couple days, and I fire the workflow with the Service Actions, everything seems to be working fine.



          so my question is this:  Can "Service" Actions have issues if you have too many in a single Active Link?  before I separated them, I had 5 service calls, 2 of the service calls were pointing to the same filter, and the other 3 to another filter.



          I don't know why it is working now in my test environment.............not sure if there is a phasing issue or timing issue, but when I originally posted this, it just didn't fire the service, though the Active Link passed its qualification.



          Anybody having similar issues with Service Actions? 

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            Fred Grooms

            While I have not had issues with service Filters not firing, I have seen where the Filters do not show up in the logs (Usually when the service is on the same form the Active Links are working against).  I have found if you turn on all the logs in the User Preferences (although it maybe just Active Links, Timings, API, Filter, and Global) then the Filters do show up in the logs.  It seems just adding Filters is not always enough for Service Filters to be logged.



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