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    My IT Set Up Query

    Monika Bhalla

      Dear All


      This is regarding a query related to My IT Installation in a cluster :


      Let's say we have SIX MY IT servers on a clustered Mongo DB in such a way that FOUR Servers make a Cluster named, CA and rest of the two servers create another cluster say CB.


      Reason for creating two clusters is :


      1. Exposing one of cluster, CB to Internet

      2. Keep other Cluster, CA internal i.e, exposing it to Intranet.


      We need to check with BMC if this set up is possible to be implemented or not ?


      Environment Details:


      AR Server : 9.1.02

      My IT        : 1.5.01

      Smart IT    : 3.3

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          Ajit Prabhu

          Hi Monika,


          Possibly you can try with having multiple load balancer.

          One pointing to 4 MyIT servers and other pointing to 2 MyIT Servers.


          Which ever load balancer you want to expose in internet can be done. Onlything need to make a count is a connectivity from external LB to MyIT servers. rest everything should be taken care by application itself.




                Ajit Prabhu