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    Import data (Incidents, Problems, Task, Changes, Assets)

    Fernando Negre



      We are upgrading the old system (7.6.04) to a new 9.1.02. In the new environment we have old data, taken 1 month ago, while in the current system (7.6.04) the data went on increasing.

      The doubt now is how to move the data created in this month: Incidents, Problems, Task, Changes, Assets (mainly) from 7.6.04 to the new one 9.1.02 before we set up the official remedy system.

      I could do with T, H and B tables, but I know an ITSM record (incident, tastk...) store info in several forms at the same time... So it is not a solution.

      What about a tool like Data Migration tool, or similar? any experience about that?


      Thank you.