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    Site Groups being deleted in BMC ITSM v9.1

    Leonard Warren

      SCENARIO: I was adding in a new location (Region = Europe; Site Group = England; Site = Augsburg Sales Headquarters) to a Company record when I realized the Site Group (England) selected was incorrect.  After removing the Site from the Company by deleting the connection, I went to generate the relationship for the same location to the correct Site Group.  I exited the Company form. Accessed the Site form.  Located my location (Augsburg Sales Headquarters) that was created. Went to re-connect the location to the same Company; however, the Region (Europe) was there, but only the Germany Site Group appeared.  Not seeing the England entry, I went back to the Company record and found the England Site Group to be missing. 


      So why is the Site Group being deleted when there is ONLY ONE Site connected to it and the Site is removed from the Company?  Am I missing the reason as to why the Site Group was removed?