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    AR Services not getting restarted on secondary server box reboot

    Syed Qadri

      Hi All,


      just a quick back background - We are doing new remedy install 9.1.02/windows environment/SQL database

      We have 4 AR servers - 2Admin and 2 User facing servers in a server group

      We have installed AR on primary Admin and rest of the components, now we are in process on installing AR on Secondary admin server.

      Post installation we have rebooted secondary AR Admin server - the issue is AR server services are not getting restarted automatically, though it is set to automatic.

      where as email engine and flashboard gets restarted.

      Note - AR services starts when i start it manually

      also, we did NOT face this issue on primary AR admin server

      i have been researching and did not find a solution to resolve this , plz share your experience.

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          Evan Ruble

          This isn't something I've seen before, but here's what I'd try:

          • Check Event Viewer to see if there are any System or Application errors that happen during startup.
          • Check that all service dependencies are set to Automatic. Most likely the only one is AR System Portmapper (if any at all).
          • Change the AR Server service startup to Manual, apply, then back to Automatic. If it isn't working, never hurts to toggle it.
          • Try changing the AR Server service startup to Automatic (Delayed Start) as a workaround.
          • Call the Windows Admins for help!



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            Ravindrakumar Rodge

            In this case,

            Check with the event viewer and check in armonitor.log, ar exception. Log

            and ardebug.log for more details.


            From Windows registry check if the path are proper and if there is any

            registry corruption with ar server parameters.


            As you mention it starts manually it means the problem is not with the ar

            server but with OS.


            During startup the server starts from arserver.config under ARSytem folder.


            Check with the paths of jars and java.


            Most importantly if you run it on command prompt you will get more details

            as to y the server is not starting.


            Hope above steps will help you to pin point and find out the problem.


            Thank you.