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    Odd shavlik issue on Tuesday

    Todd McDaniel



      The issue has resolved itself mysteriously but I figured I'd ask the question anyway.


      Did anyone have issues with reaching the Shavlik website in the last 24-36 hours?


      I work for a DOD contractor and we had an odd occurrence where it seemed that our access to shavlik was blocked by our DOD firewall Monday night into Tuesday from two different geographical locations in the US. I attempted to visit the xml site in my browser yesterday and got a DOD warning banner that it had been blocked. However, last night the site was back on the approved list automatically??? We were able to run our catalog update job with no issues for Windows 2008.


      just curious if anyone else wasn't able to reach the site. Some on my side aren't convinced it was blocked for basically a 24-36 hour period and then allowed again. Im not so sure it wasn't blocked and then opened once they realized it was a legit site.

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          Bill Robinson

          If the network you are on is blocking access to a site that you need access to, then the right thing to do is follow up w/ the folks that control network access, not open a ticket w/ us asking us to fix it.  we can't control what sites the DoD (or any other entity) allows access to or not.

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            Todd McDaniel





            No disrespect, but this IS a BMC issue as much as it’s a customer issue for those of us who support DOD clients. The DOD does have an approved vendor list of websites, at the moment, Shavlik isn’t on that list. As of this past Monday April 17th, unless someone is doing offline downloads, Catalog Updates for Windows is broken.




            Until yesterday, I wasn’t sure what was happening. It turns out the DOD is on a tear blocking everything and anyone who wants in must go through a process to have their site approved either as individual clients or as the vendor providing the service, in this case Shavlik and BMC.




            It only makes sense that a vendor who provides a service from a site that is blocked, Shavlik in this case should work with the DOD to have their site approved. In order to serve their many clients. I would hope that BMC would get involved since this WILL affect every single government client who uses Bladelogic for Windows patching.






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              Bill Robinson

              Outbound access to whatever sites you need should be part of the ATO for the env.  it still seems like you should be talking to whoever changed the policy and find out why, when most DoD customers should have documented access requirements to the Shavlik site.