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    v9 Client Distribution success stories

    Paul Robins
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      Hi all,


      I'm just curious to know whether there are many users who have found a use for the new Client Distribution facility in Control-M v9?

      My experience so far has been:

      - I had to have .NET 4.5.2 so had to get this packaged and distributed.

      - Our users don't have permissions to query the registry so .NET 4.5.2 is not recognised by the client install.

      - When I logged on as a user with elevated permissions the default install location was under the C:\Users\username rather than C:\Program Files.


      So realistically it's easier to package the client with a dependency on .NET and push it out on demand, or to move to a Citrix solution.


      Has anyone else had more success?




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          Rick Westbrock

          Paul are you referrering to the small bootstrap installer that a user can download from the server? If so we are using that for just a small number of users (less than 15) and it seems to work okay. All users have local admin permissions on their machine and the client is installed to C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M EM 9.0.00\ as I would expect. No issues with .NET or registry that I am aware of.


          I know very little about .NET but here's what the registry on my Windows 10 laptop shows (I had no issues installing the client):

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            Paul Robins

            Thanks Rick. On the bright side we've been able to use the smaller package as our install base instead of butchering the full install package like we had to with v8 :-)

            The install package auto-detects if you are admin and if not it uses %USERPROFILE%\BMC Software.  It would seem that even my elevated user with the registry permissions was not regarded as an admin by the package.

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              Paul Robins

              Oh yeah, we also have to package the correct plug-ins (EM v9 still has AFT v7 as default plug-in) making this process less useful. It will be great when BMC improve the Client so that the latest plug-ins are automatically installed and they are backwards compatible with all supported versions!

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                Rick Westbrock

                Yes, the fact that only the MFT plugin is pushed from the server is a definite drawback at this time. I believe that as additional plug-ins are upgraded they will be added to that central distribution model (at least that is what someone in Support told me a while back).

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                  Paul Robins

                  So having had to revert to our standard software distribution process for EMv9, I thought "maybe I can use the client distribution for FP5".


                  The client distribution process will not check for updates if the user is not the one that completed the original install as per the installed-versions.txt

                  See KA 000115769


                  Following must be considered when applying a Fix Pack on an installed client that was deployed via the Client Distribution Tool

                  - The Control-M EM User who is updating the Control-M EM Client must be the same user who has installed it.


                  Additional Information:

                  - The Control-M EM user who installed the client can be found in the "installed-versions.txt".

                  For example:

                  DRNFT.9.0.00             Windows        Jun-11-2015    Feb-18-2016     INSTALLATION   EM Client installed by Admin user (ADMUser)

                  - The user "ADMUser" performed the installation of the client, so this user is the only one that can install the fix pack or any update on this client.

                  - If another Control-M EM User log on to the Control-M EM Client, there will be no notification or option to install the new fix pack or update.

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                    Rick Westbrock

                    Well that sort of limits the usefulness of central distribution for installing on our jump host boxes, that means I will have to log in first after a patch or upgrade to make sure the client gets updated.