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    Need help in ADDM query

    Gurusankar Rengaramanujam

      Hi All,


      Please can anyone help me, from the below query.

      How to get only the Host container name (eg: ABCD) instead of getting the full name "Solaris Zone Container identified as EFGH on ABCD".


      search Host show name, os, #ContainedHost:HostContainment:HostContainer:SoftwareInstance.name as 'Name', #Mounter:FileSystemMount:MountedFileSystem:FileSystem.size as 'Size' processwith show explode #InferredElement:Inference:Associate:DiscoveryAccess.endpoint as 'Scanned via', name as 'Name', os as 'OS', #ContainedHost:HostContainment:HostContainer:SoftwareInstance.name as 'Name', #Mounter:FileSystemMount:MountedFileSystem:FileSystem.size as 'Size'