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    Replace in CMDB sync a bank value with something discovered on the host

    Vali Vasile



      Can somebody help me with a hint on how I can achieve the following scenario:


      During discovery of Juniper MX960 (for example) there are 2 hosts identified:

      - one with serial number, this one is the master host

      - one without serial number, this one is the slave host


      I know that there is an idea to improve the discovery of this stacked devices but until that is done I want to have a way to generate a virtual serial number for the slave host.

      I was thinking of using a TPL that identifies that on the slave there is no value for serial number  and build one from hostname (for example).


      Does anybody know a way to do this?

      Identify that there is no value for SN, generate one and afterwards push that value to CMDB?


      Thank you!