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    Smart IT : Email Functionality

    Shreya Mauzo
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      We need to make a change in email functionality in Smart IT, such that whenever Email Window opens, Customer/Contact name gets populated in To by Default.

      Has anyone tried this before?


      Please guide us.




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          Jamie Boley

          If you have the emails defined within the people profile, you should be able to just click on the email within the customer section of the ticket and it will pull up a new email with the customer email in the To section and the Incident number and Incident Summary within the subject as shown below.  I'm showing this on my Smart IT 1.5, but this existed at least since 1.2. 


          This approach is a bit different than using the email functionality within Smart IT (which adds the email into the activity automatically), but I'm not a big component of using the email functionality for a variety of different reasons such as:

          1. The person receiving the email via in-app email functionality doesn't know who it's coming form, unless the person that sent the email inserts their name at the end
          2. The email is sent from the Remedy email address, and if the person replies it either gets lost in a black hole (if you don't have RBE enabled) or it gets added into the incident email.  Unfortunately, even if you have RBE enabled and it gets added into the incident, the tech assigned to the incident isn't notified that a reply has been received


          Instead, I use the process of sending an email from my person email address and using CC or BCC for the Remedy email address so that RBE adds it to the incident ticket.  It's a little extract step, but it fits the need of capturing the email within the ticket automatically while also having the ability to receive the replies.

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            Marcell Alzate

            Interesting approach... but you are just pointing out another issue with the smart-it, that you cannot edit much the outgoing email to have usage of some "templates"


            1. Sending outside the Smart IT application is taking away the whole discussion on the ticket... I rather don't use ticketing system and stick to old fashion support by notification.

            2. Notification just need to be enable... we do receive notification when new updates are sent into the ticket.


            I can add remedy email address... but what about ticket sender? they will always forget... and some of my support users don't want their names to be used as the sender....


            Any other ideas how to properly manage the template to send email updates from Smart IT.. our main issue is that I cannot define the sender.. I needed to be specific one when it is smart it that triggers the email