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      • 1. Re: Per Scanner / Consolidator - Discovery Capacity
        Amrendra Singh

        Prior to version 10, sizing guideline was provided which basically give you a recommendation on resources you need to have, for given number of OSI being discovered. Please refer the version 9.x document mentioned below: -



        But I hope you are planning to use far newer version of BMC Discovery.


        It is difficult to say the exact number of count of OSI that can managed by an appliance (Scanner or consolidator)with given number of resources provided, as it depends of various factors: -

        1. Size of servers being scanned.
        2. Number of software running on the server.
        3. Pattern which is being loaded and triggering on the appliance.
        4. You network performance.

        And various other considerations.


        From version 10 BMC Discovery provides the option for deploying in cluster. BMC Discovery clustering helps you use two or more machines which helps in increasing the speed of discovery and amount of data can be handled with good performance.


        I would suggest you to refer below mentioned documentation which has covered various consideration and provides very good explanation on sizing.