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    Modyfing SYS:Notification Messages text

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      I am trying to add the assigned group name to the Notification Message Tag "TMS_TAS_Assigned_Group".

      The original text for the email body is:

      Your group has been assigned Task #Task ID#
      Task Type: #TaskType#
      Priority: #Priority#
      Summary: #Summary#

      I am trying to add a field variable (Assigned Group) to this message. I tried both the variables below:

      #Assignee Group# (this is the database name of the field according to form "TMS:Task" )

      #Assignee Group+# (this is the display label of the field according to form "TMS:Task")

      Neither of these variables bring back the name of the assigned group when the notification runs. Please advise.

      The only BMC documentation I could find explains it this way:
      "You can used field variables in the notification message text fields by enclosing them in #. They are translated by workflow. Using field variables in notification messages other than the default text requires customization to create the corresponding translation workflow."

      I believe I am missing some details on what customization is required to make the new field variables work.