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    Service Broker-MyIT: Email Notifications : How?

    Sanket Mhatre



      Perhaps, there might be some of the customers which already started working with Service broker. However, the interesting point which I observed, no one ever mentioned or referenced, how end user would be notified in Emails on request/completion.

      I understand , there would connectors such AWS, in which AWS would inform end users about the service request. However, the  end user's reference numbers of the requested service should be aligned with what end user sees in MyIT. But there are Remedy connectors too.. for WO creation.


      Getting to our scenario :

      We are trying to create Work Order using 'Create Work Order' object using Service Broker workflow designer. As expected , it generates Service broker request id/order id. But how to inform end users about the service which been requested? We tried to use Send Email of service Broker , but as I heard from Tony, there would be enhancements to this module. so better not to use it atleast at this moment.

      Also the solution of notification should be configurable, as we have in ITSM. Flexibility to attach html templates. So only option for us to use , is the ITSM notification functionality.


      So somehow Service Broker should call ITSM Notification functionality, and job is done!


      What we tried?

      I tried to use below workflow

      And creating entry in below form:


      We have configured the notification template in the SYS:Notification Messages , and referencing it in the Build Input set, also passing the Service broker context variables such as Order ID, cost etc..


      However I had to use some hard coded values for referenced notification recipient, and there is a hyperlink in the end user notification.. that had to be tackled some how..


      But are we on a right direction? or there is any Smart solution or better way of doing it..  Sorry for writing long post.



      Sanket Mhatre