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    AR-Server patch 2 for 9.1.02 vs Application "AR System Administration"

    Karl Halleni
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      If you have access to an environment with AR-Server version 9.1.02 with patch 2. Could you please:

      1. Go into Developer Studio > Applications > AR System Administration
      2. Open the Forms section and check how many forms there are related to this application and please reply with that number to this thread.


      I've experienced in several environments that the related forms to the application "AR System Administration" has decreased from about 250 to 27, this also in out of the box installed system. I've heard the same thing from other customer sites and now want to check here with you guys as well.


      I've from BMC received a def file for the application "AR System Administration" to import so all 250 are related again, but unfortunately I also need to manually add the missing roles to the form permission all over.


      Thanks in advance

      Karl =)