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    Server automation closed loop compliance

    Saby Fernandes

      I am working on setting up BSA Closed loop server compliance and am running into an issue on the later part where the BSA job does not get updated when the change is approved.


      I have been successful in having a change created in Remedy ITSM when a BSA job requiring manual approval is executed. The change (Operator initiated change) is then approved in Remedy which triggers a notification alert that is sent. From what I have been made to understand, this alert should then trigger BAO to fire workflow to update the BSA job and put it on the scheduler to run at the scheduled start time.


      Here are the environment details:

      Remedy ITSM 8.1 (AR, CMDB, ITSM)

      BAO 7.8.02 (Repo, CDP and AP)

      BSA 8.7


      I have installed the BSM solution content and also enabled the following adapters:










      The following modules are activated:











      I installed and configured BSA Automation console (NSH) and enabled all the above adapters on the AP. Does this also need to be done on the CDP?


      Is there anything I am missing? Is my understanding correct that when the Remedy change associated to the BSA job is approved, BAO workflow should be trigerred via the Remedy Alert and put the BSA job in queue to be triggered at the scheduled start time? Do we need anything installed on the BMC Remedy Application server to get this to work?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Aryan Anantwar

          Hi Saby,


          Go through below checklist:

          • ro-adapter-remedy-monitoris running properly on Grid
          • bmc-adapter-bmc-server-automation is running properly on the Grid
          • check grid.log of AP for the Alert Event from Remedy.
          • Check remedy filter logs as well to check that Remedy is generating an alert on Change Approval action.
          • Check in BAO compliance module there is a Rule exists for the Change Approval Events.


          Is there any specific reason that you enabled all these adapters only AP and not on CDP.

          Better to have them enabled on CDP as well.



          Aryan Anantwar

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            Umesh Sehgal

            Additionally, you could also take a look at Alert Events form/filter logs to find out which user is used to generate Remedy event and the same user should be used in monitor adapter.



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              Saby Fernandes

              Thanks Aryan Anantwar for the checklist.


              I have checked both adapters and the grid logs. The adapters are running on the AP where they are enabled.


              The filter logs and also Remedy alerts form has the alert, so that is fine as well.


              Could you possibly provide more information/steps to check the rules in the BAO compliance module. I am fairly new to BAO so still finding my way around.


              I was looking at BMC docs and had read that the BSA Console and adapters can be installed/configure on the Activity peer, so did not install/enable it on the CDP. Should the BSA console/NSH and adapters also be installed on CDP?


              If you can provide what all the steps you had followed to get this working I can run through these and verify. Maybe I am missing some configuration. I did my initial setup following the BMC documentation.


              Thanks again.

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                Saby Fernandes

                Thanks Umesh Sehgal


                I checked the user and the same user that the alert is sent to is configured in the adapter. The alert is sent, but somehow I do not see anything happen after that. It's like BAO is not aware of the alert. Any other ideas?

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                  Alexander Alexander

                  1. Try to open Alert+Events Form in BMC ARS Remedy


                  2. Search your alert

                  3. Make sure your alert is already read by BMC AO. There is 'X' character if AO already read it.

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                    Umesh Sehgal

                    Hi Saby,


                    Kindly check if you need this AR patch:


                    Look for SW00450175.



                    Also on your query regarding adding adapters to CDP: It's not mandatory to have your adapter enabled on CDP. However for HA configurations, it is recommended to have adapters enabled on more than 1 peer, so that in case one peer goes down another one is able to read the event and process. BAO internally takes care of event de-duplication so to make sure if your multiple adapters read event, only one of those is processed.




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                      Saby Fernandes

                      Thanks again for the additional tips.  I have made a little progress but still the BSA job is not getting updated/approved.


                      Firstly, The alert does get read by the Remedy Monitor Adapter. But this only happens when the CDP/AP services are restarted. So it looks like the alerts are only read when the adapter is initialized. After that it does not process alerts. So when the CDP is restarted the Alerts are Read and the flag on alerts form is checked. What is missing here? Umesh Sehgal we are running AR Server 8.1.01, so I don't think that defect SW00450175 is relevant. Also the alerts do get read when CDP services are restarted but not after that.


                      Secondly, It looks like after the alert was read, the BLCLI command was called but there was an error. I see the associated in Remedy ITSM task get updated. The error in the process log is "com.bladelogic.om.infra.session.client.SessionLoginException: No cached Session Credential for named service profile - please login." I did run the blcred command to cache the BSA user but not sure if I missed anything else.

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                        Aryan Anantwar

                        Hi Saby,


                        com.bladelogic.om.infra.session.client.SessionLoginException: No cached Session Credential for named service profile - please login.

                        this error comes when your BSA adapter unable to establish connection with BSA App Server.

                        normal mistake would be the CDP/AP services should be run using a user account instead of system/local system.

                        refer BladeLogic adapter guide for more details on it.


                        Regarding the other issue that the alerts are only getting captured when the adapter is initialized -

                        • check compatibility of you monitor adapter version with Remedy version.
                        • else contact BMC support.



                        Aryan Anantwar

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                          Saby Fernandes

                          Aryan Anantwar Thank you! Changing the account against the CDP/AP services to the same account with the cached BSA profile solved the credential issue. AO has updated the BSA job to Approved and Waiting to run status. Thanks again.


                          Still having the issue with the alerts though. Once again I had to restart the services in order for the alert to get processed. I am going to check with BMC support on this. I already have a ticket open with them.

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                            Alexander Alexander

                            Hi Saby,


                            is your BMC Remedy using load balancer?

                            If yes, take a look at this page Configuring the BMC Remedy AR System monitor adapter - BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content 20.15.01 - BMC Documentation . You need to add Map-Ip-Address,

                            Alert-Ignore-Actual-Client-IP: T

                            Alert-Send-Timeout: 30.

                            After adding this, my remedy monitor able to read next alert.


                            But somehow after 1-5 days, my AO won't read alert again . currently i still waiting the issue happened again then will check the log

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                              Saby Fernandes

                              Alexander Alexander Thanks for the heads up. I had to configure the Remedy Alert for the LB and made a few changes in the Monitor Adapter (specified IP Address v/s LB name) and restarted the adapter and everything works now.


                              So for those who have done this, does the change get updated to closed when the job has been run in BSA? I have the change approved, which then approves BSA and puts the BSA job in "Approved and waiting to run" status. However after the job is completed successfully in BSA, The Remedy task and change are still in an open (Work In Progress) status.