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    Auto Population of Work Details

    Gary Burns

      Hi -


      After upgrade to Remedy 9.1 we now have a feature which will automatically populates the Work Details when certain actions are performed -


      For example the Assignee is updated or the Status -


      We get a General Information added to reflect this -



      My question is - how do I add further updates to this list


      For example our Incident Management Team want an update when the Assigned Group field is changed so it is obvious how long a ticket has been in a queue before it is picked up by an Assignee or Passed back / moved onto a new Support team without relevant update


      Any direction on how this can be achieved would be great


      For Information we are a Remedy On Demand Customer running 9.1


      Kind Regards


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          Hi Gary, Thank for your question. Let me see what I can find out for you.

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            James Dicker

            Hi Gary, this functionality was introduced as part of the SMART IT UI.  

            While implementing SMART IT we found that there was a large volume of new remedy workflow items introduced that pushed various updates into the Work Log such as Status, Assignment Updates etc for all of the modules (Change, Work Order, Problem and Incident).

            While these updates where liked by most teams, our Change team who are not using the new UI at the moment found it make it extremely hard to manage changes within the "Classic" UI as there simply where too many updates within the Work Log.

            Via workflow logging we located the specific filters that where producing these updates for Change (about 5x from memory) and simply disabled them.

            You should look a duplicating and create new filters with new criteria to provide the additional updates you require.

            However in terms of knowing how long a ticket has been in assigned without it being picked up, you should be able to do this via Reponse Time SLT's, this is how I currently track this in our system:

            Agreement types - BMC Service Level Management 9.1 - BMC Documentation 

            Hope that helps?

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              Here is some additional info for you Gary on top of what James has shared. I hope we have have been able to assist with your inquiry. The following instructions were used to create a custom Work Details record for a Work Order and for a Change Request.  Hopefully working with Incidents is similar. Create a new filter on the WOI:WorkOrder form which executes when an entry is created ON SUBMIT (before execution order 650 for eg: 645),  to set the following fields on the WOI:WorkOrder form, SET FIELDS ACTION • $z1D_Secure_Log$ • $z1D_View_Access$ • $z1D_WorkInfoTypeSelection$ • $z1D_Details$ • $z1D_Summary$   For CHANGE REQUEST the form changes to "Infrastructure Change" and the "WorkInfotypeSelection" is not required.

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                Gary Burns

                Thanks for the information - food for thought here