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    Default Workflow User Issue with Outbound Email Report - Switch to Process Builder/Flow?

    Gabriel McGinn
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      Hello Remedyforce community,


      I am encountering an issue with the Default Workflow user, when staff are sending outbound email messages their correspondence are being logged as the default workflow user and not their name. Per documentation this is required for time dependent workflow rules and performs actions on behalf of staff, when they are not active:


      NOTE: This does state Workflow Rules, it does not state Process builder or Flows. I have also found else where that triggered events by the process builder are not logged in the time based jobs queue.


      The point of confusion is, the staff are very clearly online and logged into the system, and are sending their replies from the Record Details screen. Note I do have a time based Workflow Rule configured to change the status of a ticket based on a time field selected, to alert staff to follow up on the ticket.


      Would converting these triggers from workflows to Process Builder + Visual Flow log the immediate outbound message as the currently logged in user the Record Details Action History?

      A report based on outbound Staff activity is a metric being weighed for staff evaluations the default workflow user issue is misrepresenting the information and accounts for roughly 50% of our outbound updates.


      This post is a different approach to issues I cited in:

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      For the report I set up via:

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