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    Smart reporting percentage

    Jesus Resendiz
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      Hello I'm creating a report in smart reporting but I have a doubt about calculate percentage.


      For example:

      I create a report with the next section (Priority) and with the next Columns and rows.



      In this case the count are correct for Total incidents, Total Open Incidents and Total Closed incidents, but when I try to calculate the percentage This always return 100%.


      I'm calculate the percentage with the next funtion.


      COUNT ( CASE WHEN Estado General__c = 'Closed' THEN ID Incidencia__c END ) / COUNT ( ID Incidencia__c )


      Do you know any other form to calculate the percentage.


      Additional I try to use the Pre-Defined function to calculate percentage and this require Numerator and Denominator, but this not permit select Calculated fields only number fields, have any form to select Calculated fields?.