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    SAP BOXI 3.1 to 4.1 migration issue

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      Hello all,


      We are upgrading Analytics & SAP BOXI from 7.6.04 & 3.1 to 8.1.01 & 4.1 respectively.


      Instead of an inplace upgrade we created a fresh installation of SAP BOXI 4.1 and exported all universes and reports into a .biar file, from 3.1, using the Import Wizard.

      We then tried to import the .biar file via Upgrade Management Tool, but the tool always fails with the error :
      Import file 'AetS9ffh0NdJorXjqTG7pW8.1000' does not exist. (FWM 04007)


      Traced down the ID in the error. It appears to be the ITSM Universe, which creates the issue.

      All other universes and reports are being imported correctly if ITSM universe is left out from the import. Have tried multiple re-creations of the .biar file but no luck.


      Any ideas on how to solve this or figure out what is making the .biar file corrupt?

      Appreciate any comments.




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          Hello everyone!


          We narrowed down this issue.


          We extracted one of the .biar files which contains .lov files. Each object in a universe is associated with a .lov file.

          According to SAP, .biar files exported with the "Import Wizard" on Business Objects 3.1, have a limit of 1000 .lov objects. So in our case, the ITSM universe had more than or equal to 1000 .lov objects, which made the file corrupt.


          The issue does not occur if migrating "Live to Live".

          The 999 object limit has been removed as of Fix Pack 4.4 for BusinessObjects Enterprise 3.1, according to SAP.