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    Discovery integration with Remedy SSO - long term commitment

    Bernard Stern



      we are thinking about the integration of Discovery with Remedy SSO. We have Remedy SSO

      and Discovery I just read that these 2 are currently not working together.


      "The BMC Discovery integration with Remedy Single Sign-On does not currently support Remedy

      Single Sign-On 9.1.02. If you are using Remedy Single Sign-On 9.1.01 with BMC Discovery,

      you should not upgrade to Remedy Single Sign-On 9.1.02 until further notice."


      what ist the long term commitment of BMC regarding integrating Discovery with Remedy SSO?

      I can only consider this intergration if there is a long-term commitment from BMC  to support this

      intergration across future version, without the kind of issue mentionned in the quote above. We

      cannot afford eg. upgrading the Remedy SSO stack and suddenly lose support from Discovery.


      Thanks for clarifying this issue.