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    Getting the data of latest last scan using the label.

    Jagadish Gowda
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      We  have 5 scheduled scan running every week 2 time I want to get the lastest scan results for each of the 5 scan.




      I used the below query but this query doesnt give the proper results because sometimes one scan may take longer time 2 complete.



      search DiscoveryRun where label = '<label>' traverse List:List:Member:DiscoveryAccess where  discovery_starttime >= (currentTime() - 4 * 24 * 3600 * 10000000)   and result ="Success" show endpoint,discovery_starttime, device_summary, #DiscoveryAccess:DiscoveryAccessResult:DiscoveryResult:DeviceInfo.hostname as 'Hostname',

      #DiscoveryAccess:DiscoveryAccessResult:DiscoveryResult:DeviceInfo.os as 'Discovered OS'




      Is there any way to get only the latest last scan results by giving the scheduled scan LABEL. ?


      I am building a dashboard by fetching data via XML from ADDM. Let me know if any of you have come across such situation of getting latest last scan results.