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    Creation of new fileds on a join form


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      We are working on remedy 9.1 and i need to know something more about how to create new fields on a join for for example we are using Classic view of Helpdesk form and this is a join form of HPD:Helpdesk. so now what i want to know is this when i need to create a new field for say field1 over Join form named has Incident classic form then as of my knowledge i need to create a field over HPD:HelpDesk Regular form and then i can import this field over the join form Incident Classic. but i notice one more thing that while importing that new field in that join form then its getting difference database ID rather than DB id of that field present over Regular incident form. But is it mandatory to have the same DB id for that new field over the both of the forms ? if yes is there any way i can do it smoothly ? or is there any way i can add new fields over join forms so that they can properly save data into database ?


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      Pawan Kaushik

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          LJ LongWing


          The reason it's changing the ID is that the field you are trying to add already exists on the join form with that ID....so...the Classic View is a self join...so, the fact that you are able to add it, and the fact that it already exists, means that it is already added from one of the source forms, and you are adding it from the OTHER source form (which is actually the same form)...so, the fix for t his is to find the already existing field that was already added to the form and put it where you want....if you can't find it that might be that it's either not on the current view you are looking on, or it might not be on ANY view...you need to figure out where it is...but it's already there.

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            Rahul Priyadarshy

            Just To Add.


            Join form maintains its own field sequence ID - So whenever a new field is added it basically pics its value from here.



            In Case of -- HPD:Help Desk Classic Its a Self Join of HPD:HelpDesk. So if a given Field ID is not Already present then probably you can Use that ID.

            So its always suggested to use a Custom Field ID range so that same ID can be Propagated across the forms.


            Personally i use this Range for all Custom Fields- 700000000




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              PAWAN KAUSHIK

              Thanks Rahul for this Valuable suggestion

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                PAWAN KAUSHIK

                Hi LJ,


                Really appreciate your help and thanks to make me understand about the join form fields. what i will do is i will create new fields over Regular form with any custom db id as Rahul suggested and then i will copy paste the same ID in Join form filed.

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                  Ganesh Gore

                  When you add fields in join form from primary/secondary forms, you need not to change field ids on join form.system will automatically take care of this.

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                    PAWAN KAUSHIK

                    Hi Ganesh,


                    as i created fields over the HPD:helpdesk regular form and then i imported the same fields in Hpd:Helpdesk classic form which is a join for on Helpdesk regular form only hence when importing into this classic form then its having a different DB id for that field and it is resulting in non storing the input data into those fields which are having different DB id . i go through the logs and checked that there is a filter which is pushing all fields which matching ID onto Hpd:Help desk regular form for creation of a request and these newly fields which are not having equal DB id are getting excluded from that.