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    Control-M Agent reappears in CCM after being deleted

    Tammy Ryan
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      On several occasions, we've deleted an Agent from the Control-M Configuration Manager, only to have it re-appear later.  In recent cases;
      1) 12pm Wed: checked AJF for jobs defined to host; only job in AJF had completed hours earlier
      2) 12pm Wed: checked host groups for host and removed it. 
      3) 12pm Wed: no jobs found in planning that execute on the host.

      4) 12pm Wed: successfully deleted Agent/host from CCM

      5) New Day scan ran at 2pm Wed; no jobs scanned to in AJF for Host

      At some point, the agent returned to the CCM, no jobs in AJF, host is not found in any Host groups.

      6) 7am Fri: Successfully deleted host from CCM and they have reappeared again. 
      Agents are Windows v8.0.00.400


      Has anyone else experienced this?