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    Access Query Agent and Device Monitors from event in OM

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      Maybe what i am looking for was introduced in TS, but in BPPM9.6 when you're browsing the OM console for events (i usually use the All Active Events collector) it's a very common need having to execute a Query Agent on the agent/host/device that generated the event, unfortunately the tool icon there does not provide Query Agent.

      Every time, i have to switch the view to the Device view, then grid view, then look for the device (you can't simply write the device name in the search box and press enter, you have to click on the filter button) and then choose a tool icon among many to reach Agent Query.

      The same goes when i am looking at an event and need to see the device page to access all its monitors.

      I have to leave the event browser, go to device, grid view, search for device and finally see all its monitors.

      Since from the event you can see the precise monitor that caused the event (which is useful), why can't we also access the whole device page ?

      Anybody has found a workaround for this ?