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    Atrium SSO 9.0.00 install issue

    Shaun Smit
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      We are setting up a QA environment to upgrade from 8.1.02 to 9.1.02.

      One of the things on the list is going from Atrium SSO 9 to Remedy SSO so we are building an environment that is as close to live as can be.

      We are however having some issues with installing a new ASSO9 server.

      When installing, I can see all the file structures are loaded fine, tomcat starts up etc but when it reaches the extracting OpenDS section, it hangs for a while then the installer fails.




      After the install I cant access /atriumsso/atsso/console/login/Login.html but I can access /atriumsso/config/options.htm and the connection is not secure. If I try create a default config in the OpenAM Configurator I get the error below. So it looks like it started creating the amAdmin account but failed in the process. Maybe there is some config I can do to manually finish off the installation?




      I have tried installing from the .exe and silent installer. The odd thing is we have the same software on the same server version that we installed on live, yet it wont install on this QA box.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


      I have also attached the install logs.


      Kind Regards