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    Consolidation for Same Hostnames but, diff devices in diff subnets

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      Discovery Folks,


      We have few hosts installed in both Primary (in UK, DC1) and Disaster Recovery (in UK, DC2) sites. The hosts in both the locations are configured to have the same hostname but, reachable with different IPs like:


      TESTAPPHOST is installed in Primary DC and accessible with the IP 10.172.*.*

      The same host TESTAPPHOST is installed in DR DC and accessible with the IP 10.173.*.*


      When we perform scan on 10.172.* and 10.173.* subnets seperately, we can discover the IPs and with hostnames. But, on consolidator, IPs in 10.173.* are showing SKIPPED as the same hostname already exists or so.


      We would like to know if there is a way differentiate these IPs and report in Consolidator to sync in CMDB.