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    How is the best way to get an incident location dashboard with a map?

    Tomas Rodriguez

      Would it be possible to design and implement dashboard to show where have the incidents been producing ? this means, with a reasonable effort. We are wondering how we could show a world map and locate spots in it. Each spot point would be an incident which we could open by clicking in it.


      Myit would be useful to locate assets in a map and those assets would be related to incidents, but that is not what we are looking for.


      Smart Reporting let us create circle and bars shape dashboards easily but what if we want to use a custom map?


      The dashboard showed in https://status.onbmc.com/dashboard/dashEuem.php has attracted our attention. This is named as:  "Real-Time End User Experience" and it seems to use a tool Global Application Delivery. It is amazing. We would like to implement something similar to this.

      Where could we start our searching?