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    How to deal with CMA policy/KM mismatch ?

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      this topic has been discussed a lot in the past, i've seen many questions, people describing a common issue but i'm not sure i was able to read some answers.

      The scenario is the following: i've bppm in production, hundreds of agents, CMA policies in place. I've set up a common windows policy, applied it to hundreds of windows patrol agents.

      They all mount patrol for windows v4.8.

      My policy is for same version (4.8).

      One day i decide to move to 4.9, because i'm sicked tired of my 4.8 policy lacking service startup type configuration and other cool stuff/fixes.

      How would i proceed ?


      My understanding is that if create a new 4.9 policy and deploy it to an agent with solution 4.9, all monitors and data collected up to now will be deleted, won't they ?

      If i create a 4.9 policy and deploy it to patrolagents still running km 4.8, it will not work (at least it shouldn't)

      If i'm still willing to lose all my past data (which in a production environment is not aceptable from my point of view), how will i deploy the new policy to agents ?

      Shall i tag them WIN49 and set 4.9 policy accordingly ? (and remove old 4.8 tag at the same time)


      What is the recommended way to go ? it's not such an uncommon scenario, solutions are being released more or less regularly, contain new features, fixes, but we are still stuck with policy versions..