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    Disabling the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX

    Thomas Reinhard



      How I can disable the BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX update process and update directly in BMC.ASSET?


      As example:


      Currently I update a Computer CI in AST:ComputerSystem, the Change will be done in Dataset BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX, the reconjob is updating the record in dataset BMC.ASSET. But I like to update directly in dataset BMC.ASSET. 


      I have other BMC Installations, in all of them the update will be don directly in BMC.ASSET by updating CIs in any AST Forms.


      Thanks for any help.


      Best Regards


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          Thomas Reinhard

          Dear Colleagues,


          I found the way to do it


          1. Application Administration --> Asset Management --> Advanced Option --> Asset Management Settings

          2. Click Show Settings

          3. Select 'No' in Line Sandbox Enabled

          4. Modify


          Everything fine now....




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            Carey Walker

            Hi Thomas


            It's good you found the right place to enable/disable this feature. However, is this the best option for you? If you have no other updates coming into the CMDB other than manual updates via the AST forms, then you should be fine. However if you have any form of bulk updates, or discovery sources, etc., you really should consider keeping the Sandbox process enabled. Without it, you will find it hard to manage the consistency of attribute sources that are usually controlled by the precedence mechanism with the recon. engine.


            Just something to keep in mind.

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              Pawan K

              Hi Carey,

              Except for controlling the manual updates to an attribute what else is the benefit of sandbox. As if a user updates any attribute that is being discovered then in next recon the discovered value will override the manually modified one.

              Why I am asking is that I have to get a CI created on approval of a SR and then get a change raised with the CI tagged to it. Just want to ensure that disabling sandbox does not have any -ve impact

              Also, if in future suppose from 6 months from now if I enable it will there be any impact due to this.

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                Carey Walker

                That's pretty much it Pawan. Controlling where your CI attribute data comes from is they key benefit you get from using the sandbox.You control it all - whether it's competing discovery sources, manual updates via the UI or even bulk loads from spreadsheets etc. You can get control of all sides of this as well. i.e. if you have discovery and want certain values as provided by that source to always be preserved (and not over-writable by any manual updates), the sandbox achieves that. At the same time, if you have people making changes to some attributes and you trust that manual update over ANY other source, you can configure the reconciliation rules to guarantee that too. Without the sandbox, it's basically the last person or process that updates an attribute, that will be there. This is rarely a smart way to control the integrity of your CMDB data. It will also drive your users mad if they take the trouble to update a value today in the CMDB and find it's not there tomorrow because a discovery run (or similar) has happened and overwritten it

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