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    Distributed Gateway Administration

    Tony Brown
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      We are rolling out TSCO v. 10.5 across multiple data centers. We want to store the data in one Oracle DB. TSCO requires that one app/web server administer all the gateways in both data centers, due to the limitation that only one primary scheduler may be active at any one time.. We spoke to our BMC architect and he confirmed as much.



      We are concerned, as we expand into even more datacenters, that this administration model will become problematic. It will be very helpful for BMC to provide an option for multiple app/web servers to administer the gateways simultaneously, or to allow this administration to occur via a proxy connection.



      Is anyone else facing similar issues?



      Anthony S. Brown

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          Mike West



          Thank you for submitting this post for the community.  The question around providing an option in the product to have multiple app/web servers to administer gateway servers from multiple data centers should be posted as an Idea for product management to review and track.


          Thanks, in advanced, for your product suggestions.




          Mike West