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    How do you reset a met threshold alert in MainView Focal Point?

    Chris Forzaglia
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      Our CICS Region hit the threshold set in Focal Point for Storage Violations (@SVCT).  We checked it out and were ok with it happening in this instance, so we reset the count in CICS.  Unfortunately we were unable to reset the count back to 0 storage violations in Focal Point so the Critical Red Line in Focal Point wouldn't go away.  We had to up the Threshold to something higher to stop it.  Sometime before the next morning the count reset to 0 so we're ok again, but we'd like to be able to reset it ourselves.


      Target CAPPR2   Type CICS   Status=Input    Time=10:1

      Location LOCAL    Subsys BB02 SMF ID SY2  Description


        REAL             124664                           

        TGCPU              0.6%                           

        DSUT                62%                           

        MXTC                13%                           

        MXTC  CREGION       12%                           

        SDCT                  0                           


        @TGIO               0.0   @PRB4                 0 

        @TGPG               0.0   @RESP             0.261 

        #PROC              1253   @RESP CREGION     0.058 

        @PRB1                 0   @SVCT               135  <-- Needs to say 0 again

        @PRB2                 0                           

        @PRB3                 0                           


        ALRCL                 0   ALRMN                 0