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    MyIT3.3: Post-Installation Issues

    Bjorn Calabuig
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      Hi List,


      After having installed MyIT 3.3 (and SmartIT) - a fresh installation, not an upgrade - on our DEV environment, we discovered that there are several objects that have been touched by installation.


      Seems natural, but unfortunately, there are OOTB objects like, for example, this filter that appear disabled (LastModifiedBy=appadmin, the user we used during MyIT installation).


      But this filter is used in our workflow:




      Why are this objects being disabled by installer?

      Why are all the objects that appear on attached files disabled?


      Please, remember, it’s a fresh installation, not an upgrade.

      More information:


       Server Version: 201308272305Hotfix

       Hardware: x86_64

       OS: Linux 2.6.32-220.el6.x86_64

       DB: Oracle - 64bit Production



      BMC answer:


      Most of these filters are disabled, it could be that some of these filters are no longer needed.

      For example, the filter prefixed with MyIT: is something introduced by MyIT. You will not see that filter that filter on an ITSM server if MyIT Smart IT was never installed on it.

      Similarly the ones with SRM: in the below list are old MyIT filters and I know that most of them we are not using it anymore.




      This cannot be a valid solution, at least, in my oppinion.


      BMC is talking about filters that start with MyIT or SRM prefixes.

      But, please, again, take a look at the filter we provided you with our first sample.


      It's a really filter called "INT:SRMHPD:INC:CreateRequest_610_Modify".


      And THIS IS NOT a filter we doesn't use any more!!!

      On the contrary, we use right now this filter in our custom workflow, as said, in PRE and PRO environments.


      What will happen when we install MyIT on PRE and PRO?


      Will we simple have to deal with this and accept we're going to loose functionalities?


      And the best part of it, maybe we'll never know all the functionalities we're going to loose...well, we'll know it months later when customers begin to open issues...


      We made the effort to send BMC a fully list of filters (and the same applies to fguides, alinks and alguides) touched by MyIT installation.

      All of them have similar LastModifiedDate and the same LastModifiedBy (appadmin, the user we used to install MyIT).


      We need urgently to know, at the slightest detail, what happens with OOTB workflow related with any ITSM modul when someone plans to install MyIT.


      There must be sure an official BMC roadmap... or maybe not...!


      Kind Regards,