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    MyIT3.3: Localizing to catalan (ca)

    Bjorn Calabuig
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      Hi List,


      After having installed MyIT 3.3 (and SmartIT) on our DEV environment, we’re facing now our next goal: localize MyIT/SmartIT to catalan (ca).


      By the way, Catalan is an official language in Spain.

      This language exists since centuries...

      Catalan language - Wikipedia


      We’re aware about the possibility to translate great part (or all) of the information that appears in MyIT/SmartIT to ANY language, despite of what BMC actually says...


      To achieve this, we have translated all the values contained on different files, following the procedure exposed in attached document.

      We have given also 775 permissions to all created files.


      But it seems that we are missing something.

      We've already created some files.


      • myitapp, myitapp-full:
        • angular-locale_ca.js
        • angular-locale_ca-es.js
        • resources-locale_ca.json (resource locale for myit)
        • app-bootstrap.js (created a backup of this file, ORIGINAL.app-bootstrap.js, and added "ca" as SupportedLanguage)


      • smart-it:, smart-it-full:
        • angular-custom-locale_ca.js
        • app.min.js (just created a backup of this file, ORIGINAL.app.min.js, but we made no changes on app.min.js)
        • resources-locale_ca.json (resource locale for smartit)
        • create-aqi-controller (created a backup of this file, ORIGINAL.create-aqi-controller.js, and added "ca" as SupportedLocale)


      Any help would be really appreciated (by the way, BMC answer doesn't satisfies us)



      BMC's answer:


      You cannot add locale as a customization as it will break the existing product functionality. We have seen this happening with multiple consultants attempting to add locales and breaking the functionalities.




      More information:

       Server Version: 201308272305Hotfix

       Hardware: x86_64

       OS: Linux 2.6.32-220.el6.x86_64

       DB: Oracle - 64bit Production


      Kind Regards,