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    TKU-2017-01-1-ADDM-11.1 ECA engine error

    Bernard Stern



      We are running ADDM and installed the TKU 2017-01-1. Since then, we are getting lots of errors during scan whiich we previously didn't have (TKU 2016-12-1).

      This is what we are getting. Anyone experiencing the same issues? Does this have an impact on data synched to CMDB? Those TKUs have been rolled out on testing environment so for, so no harm. But if there is an impact, we won't roll it out to production.


      Latest TKU:TKU-2017-01-1-ADDM-11.1

      Latest EDP:EDP-2017-01-1-ADDM-11.1+



      2509 Discovery Accesses related

      https://<addm appliance>/ui/DiscoverySearch?query=LOOKUP%20'fed19f5817cfe1ee5fedba8f6e446973636f7665727952756e'%20TRAVERSE%20List:List:Member:DiscoveryAccess%20WHERE%20result%20=%20'Error'%20LOCALE%20en_GB

      (416 with errors)


      Error (Error detected by the ECA engine)


      Error Message

      RuleError on rule tpl_NVD_SI_Data_body_0 due to: Error while executing a rule -- TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable

      Pattern Name


      Error Count




      Internal Error Details

      File "./__init__.py", line 770, in processEvent File "./rule.py", line 129, in doExecute File "/usr/tideway/var/code/generated_code/SupportingFiles/NVD_Database_Linking/__init__.py", line 233, in execute function_defn__NVD_Functions__fn__addDataToNode(engine, tracker, llr___instrumentation, llr___pattern_node, llr___inferences, llr___inferences_tracker, [[[['trigger_si', llr___event_tpl_trigger_si]], []], None], llr___event_tpl_trigger_si, 'SI') File "/usr/tideway/var/code/generated_code/SupportingFiles/NVD_Database_Linking/__init__.py", line 56, in function_defn__NVD_Functions__fn__addDataToNode if (llr_tpl_version_to_use in llr___tmp_2):