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    Automatic Work Order Priority

    Kemp Goode
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           I would like all new work orders that have been submitted to Track-it to contain a priority.  I have  found that if the priority field is left  blank, then Track-It will not send an E-mail notification to our specified Technicians.  I have gone over several settings in Help Desk under Look Up Tables, but I am overlooking this big time.  Can someone please steer me in the right direction or refer me to a doc that may help clarify this.


      Thank you kindly in advance.

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          In my production, I specially set "Priority" field default value "Medium" and to be Required, so that work orders from system email polices will be automatically set "Medium", for work orders manually created by Techs "Priority" can be changed accordingly. All work orders by default are "Medium" which will use the Default Event Policy.