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    Start Anywhere Application Model Question

    George Sheehey

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      I am a little confused as what the difference between a "Model Definition" and a "Application Instance" as they show & report on different nodes for the same model.


      Example, When I create a model and it is at the point where we like, i.e..  what we see in the visualization (all nodes / SI removed that we no longer want) and then we save it and publish it.  When I go back and look at it, extra nodes are suddenly added to it that we previously selected to remove. Also, When I look at the "Model Definition Pane" it looks great but when I look at the same model in the  "Application Instance" pane it now has added nodes that we do not want in. Also, the Application instance is what is being sent to the CMDB so it is showing all the added nodes as well. - In the example below it is showing 6 extra nodes.


      I do not get this behavior when I use CAM - Why are we seeing this with SAAM??



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          Duncan Grisby

          A ModelDefinition is an encapsulation of how an application model is defined. It contains relationships to all the nodes pertinent to the application model, both ones that are included and ones that are excluded.


          When you publish an application model, you get a BusinessApplicationInstance, which represents the actual application, rather than the definition of it. The BusinessApplicationInstance node only has direct relationships to the software nodes that are at the "top" of the model when viewed in an impact layout. It also has direct relationships to all the Hosts that are running any of the software.


          I think what you are seeing with extra Hosts related to the BusinessApplicationInstance is due to a bug that is fixed in the imminent 11.1 patch 3 release. In some circumstances, it can add relationships to Hosts that only have excluded software on them, when it should in fact exclude those hosts.

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            Greg Sacrey

            I have exact same issue.  I have a model setup with the hosts I want and it later adds new hosts seemingly randomly.


            Glad to hear this should be taken care of.

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              George Sheehey

              Hi Duncan


              Thanks for the detailed explanation of Model Definition" and a "Application Instance.


              I do have another question related to the SAAM and how the following choices  impact the creation and publishing of the model.  What does each do to the nodes when used to remove / hide nodes as they seem to act differently on how the model looks when published.


              • Remove Node
              • Never Show
              • Do not follow any connections




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                Duncan Grisby

                "Remove node" removes that one specific node from the visualization. If it is saved in a model definition, the removal of that node is remembered, meaning it will not be added back. It has no effect on any other node with the same type.


                "Never show" suppresses the display of all nodes with type "BMC Remedy AR System Flashboard". They will also never be added to any application models. Any that were previously automatically added to application models will be removed from the models. It is a pretty extreme action that you wouldn't want to use very often.


                "Do not follow any connections" means that all nodes with type "BMC Remedy AR System Flashboard" are still displayed, but connections leading to other nodes will not be followed. The system will follow connections that lead to that type of node, but will traverse no further. The same goes for application models -- when considering whether to add nodes to an application model, the system will not follow connections when it is considering a node of that type.


                "Do not follow connections to..." is like "do not follow any", except that it lets you pick a specific type of target node. You often use that option if you have some sort of agent-like system where you have a server that is connected to many agents. You say that you don't want to follow connections from the server to the agents, so you don't drown in all the agents, but you still see any other interesting connections from the server.



                Note that in all of this, when I'm talking about "connections", I mean any relationship like a Communication or Dependency that would normally be followed in a vlsualization or application model, regardless of the direction of the relationship.

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                  George Sheehey

                  Excellent explanation!!!!


                  Thanks Duncan