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    Entuity Retention Period

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      Hi All,


      we are using Entuity 13.5, We have a flex report for Link utilization. We run this report everyday. I would like to know what is the retention period for the data in Entuity.





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          Laurence Balon



          There are default retention time periods for all time series metrics that Entuity collects. The retention time for these metrics is dependent upon the specific metric being collected. For port utilization, Entuity polls the port at 5 minute intervals. The following are the default retention times:


          5 Minute Raw metrics are retained for 8 days

          Hourly rollups are retained for 30 weeks

          Daily rollups are retained for 720 days.


          Information about retention times of all metrics are contained in the Entuity Data Dictionary. This is available from the Help section when you are logged on to the Entuity Server. You can go to Help -> Contents. Select the hyperlink named Entuity Data Dictionary.



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