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    Inventory as an Asset

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      We have BMC Client Management 12.5. As we add assets (laptops, desktops and servers) to our Device groups we are entering in asset tags into the Financial Asset Management field for each device. Some of these devices have one or more monitors attached to them, not all monitors are the same make or size. Is there a way to have a generic monitor asset and enter a asset tag to that device for each monitor that we have in our infrastructure as it's deployed and connected to a signal device.? I see that a child device can be attached to a device but this looks like it only allows that one monitor to be attached to one device.

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          Hi Clinton,


          You could create an Additional Device Attribute in the Global Settings to track assets. After you have created the device attribute it would be located under the properties of the individual devices.Please see screenshots below:


          Global Settings Additional Device Attributes



          Creating Additional Device Attributes


          Device Properties Customized Information

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            Dominik Kress

            Hi Clinton Barker,


            Looks like for some reason BCM does not allow to use the build in device type monitor more than one time. However you could easily create your own device type (Global Settings - Financial Asset Management)




            And use this device typ for your monitors. As soon as not the build in is used you could attach as many child devices as needed. At least I am not aware of any limit.