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    MyIT3.3: Questions & Answers

    Bjorn Calabuig
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      Hi List,

      Just a quick question! (As always ;P)



      1 REQ has generated, for example, 3 Work Orders (each one, assigned to a different Support Group, maybe also to different Support Companies)


      The idea:

      Suppose a Support Group Technician working on WorkOrder #2 has a question (Which laptop color do you prefer?).

      After submitting the question it is supposed that SLAs will stop for this WorkOrder (the Work Order status changes to Pending)


      Now, End User connects to SRM and sees the unanswered question:


      • OOTB, tests made time ago concluded that, after End User submits an answer (I wanna a pink one!) this answer will create a Work Info on EACH WorkOrder! And also, start again the SLAs for each Support Group.
      • We changed this behavior, so that the answer will only create a WI on the WorkOrder #2, start SLAs again, and so on...


      Right now, we are implementing MyIT 3.3.

      And the question is: how to achieve the same behavior we could implement using SRM?


      We are not able to find a way to pass a simple "hidden" WorkInfoID (or WorkOrderID) to MyIT in order to being able "to answer to" = "generate a WI" only on the correct WorkOrder, when the End User enters information on the box and saves changes.


      Is Service Broker the only solution? We're aware that SB has the "bundle" concept, but it seems, right now, disproportionate having to use SB only  to achieve what we're exposing.


      Any ideas?


      Kind Regards,