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    New CI Class in Asset

    Marek Ceizel

      Hello together,


      I'm sorry for this basic question. I want to go deeper into Atrium and this will help me a lot.


      I created two new Classes in Atrium Class Manager under BMC_Equipment:

      CORE_Test namespace BMC.CORE

      AM_Test namespace BMC.AM


      Now I don't get this:

      1) how to manage that I can see these new classes in Asset Management Console and Create them or search for their Entries ?

      2) How should I manage that I will see the AM_Test in Atrium Explorer and can create Entries for the CI ?


      Please don't blame me.


      thanks for any light into this




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          Carey Walker

          Hi Marek.


          If we start from the beginning, we can get this working for you.


          1. You only create the main CMDB class in Class Manager. The one you called CORE_Test, so that one is good to go as created. You should specify a namespace of something other than BMC.CORE since this is meant to hold the standard BMC defined classes. When you create custom classes, best practice is to use a new custom namespace. Something like ABC.CORE where ABC could be an abbreviation for your company? This won't stop anything we are about to discuss working OK, it's just a preferred standard. i.e. for any custom classes from now on, please use a custom namespace like this.

          You don't create the AM_Test class (explained below). You can delete this one now in Class Manager as you don't want it.


          2. Once you see the process to build the new class has completed successfully (i.e. you can see the new class sitting under BMC_Equipment in your example, and you already have this), you need to run a utility called CMDB2ASSET (also called SyncUI) which will build the Asset (AST) form to be used to manage this new class in asset management. Until you do this, as you have seen already, you won't see the AST form. You will find this option under the Advanced Asset options in the Application Administration forms. This is documented in the ITSM docs, and there are also many posts if you search for CMDB2ASSET or SyncUI here in Communities under Atrium CMDB.


          There aren't two classes required here (one for CMDB and one for Asset), there is just the CMDB core form and after step 2, the associated AST form which is a join form that includes (most of) the CMDB form attributes as well as the Asset Management attributes.


          Work through the above (with help from the Asset Management and CMDB user guides, now you know what to look for), and let us know how it goes.

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            Marek Ceizel

            Hello Carey,


            you rule! Thank you for this valuable explanation.

            Just to assure, to see also my custom attribute for the class I have to modify the AST Form in dev studio, right ?


            THANKS again.




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              Carey Walker

              Yes. That was the last step once we knew you were OK with all of the above. In Dev Studio, for the form concerned, you will find the new attribute on one of the Custom tabs for the form, after SyncUI has successfully completed. You can follow the progress of the SyncUI by checking for the log file it writes in the CMDB logs directory (CMDBSynchronizeUI.log)


              The AST form custom tab is usually not set to visible, the attribute as well. Move the attribute to where you need it and make sure it's visible.


              You should probably overlay the AST form if not already done to follow the customisation best practice!

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                Marek Ceizel

                thank you.